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Here's Why

If you are looking for limousines for a wedding reception you have come to the right place. We offer limousines for a wedding reception and if you can't find the limousine you are looking for, you can get in touch via our website, www.juggletime.com and we can help you find the limousines for a wedding reception you are after. The limousines for a wedding reception on the website are always changing, so be sure to come back often. www.Juggletime.com - first for limousines for a wedding reception

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We cover the whole of the UK.

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We specialise in limousines for a wedding reception:

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  • clowns
  • costumed characters
  • face painting
  • general children's entertainers
  • magicians for children
  • punch and judy / puppets
  • comedians
  • comedy waiters
  • look-alikes
  • stand up comics
  • dance
  • belly dancers
  • ceilidh/line
  • dancers
  • ethnic dancers
  • flamenco
  • morris dancers
  • salsa dancers
  • entertainment agents
  • equipment for a party
  • balloons
  • catering equipment
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  • toilet hire
  • events co-ordinators
  • fancy dress
  • food & ice
  • caterers
  • chocolate fountains
  • ice sculptures
  • limos and chauffeurs
  • limousines for a wedding reception
  • chauffeurs
  • magicians
  • magicians
  • childrens magicians
  • illusionists
  • music
  • dj
  • live group
  • musical instruments
  • solo
  • sound engineers
  • theme
  • tribute/cover
  • other entertainers
  • charity nights
  • fire and light
  • hypnotists
  • impersonators
  • mediums
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  • sword swallowers
  • tarot readers
  • ventriloquists
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  • Our company offers limousines for a wedding reception. If you are interested in entertainers, you might find what you are looking for on this site. We also offer actors,aritists,charicaturists,celebrities,childrens entertainers,comedians,croupiers,dancers,booking agents,equipment hire,sound equipment,speakers,event co-ordinators,caterers,food,ice,limos,limousines for a wedding reception,chauffeurs,magicians,musicians,music,photographers,bouncers,security,street performers,venue hire,vehicle hire.