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What is Juggletime?

Juggletime helps event and party organisers hire recommended entertainers for parties events weddings and birthdays for children and adults in the UK and London. Customers can find entertainers in their area by creating a Wanted ad. Providers in that area will then be invited to make an offer. Customers choose the best offer available and after the event leave feedback. The better feedback they have the more Entertainers appear on the site.

If you need or provide any of the following services, you’ll need Juggletime: actors, caricaturists, casino croupier, children's entertainers, comedians, dancers, entertainment agents, equipment for a party, events co-ordinators, fancy dress costumes, food & ice, limos & chauffeurs, magicians, music, other entertainers, photography, security/bouncers, speakers, street performers, venue hire, vehicle hire

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